Our mission

The University of the Phoenix is a premiere for-prophet learning platform committed to teaching the dead and the living to rise up together to avenge the crimes and cruelties of global capitalism. It organizes site- and context-specific educational encounters towards a radical financial literacy.

We are the world’s only institution of higher education dedicated to accumulating the human capital of the no-longer-living. This nomadic institution offers participatory classes on the themes of finance, debt, money and value. We also offer revenge consultancy services to those who have been wronged by global capitalism, and sometimes teach the dead to rise up and become stars.

The University of the Phoenix is a spectre that possesses the body of the for-profit university and the good-natured neoliberal model of “social practice” art. It is a free-school and research institute for the dead that is also sometimes open to “not-yet-dead” auditors. It teaches rigorous  site-specific classes based on parapsychological local inquiry and ghoulish interventions. It is funny, but not a joke.

The University of the Phoenix is a collaboration between Cassie Thornton and Max Haiven at the haunted intersection of art, research and activism.