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The University of the Phoenix, a collaboration between artist Cassie Thornton and scholar-activist Max Haiven, is a free-school and research institute for the dead that is also sometimes open to not-yet-dead auditors.

Working at the intersection of research, art and activism we instigate locally-informed collaborations for radical financial literacy.

In an age when technologically-accelerated financialization and debt overshadows social and political life we offer revenge consultancy services to those wronged by global capitalism.

We instigate conversations, produce and distribute disruptive media, and plot uninvited appearances of the otherwise invisibilized.

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2016 in Review at the University of the Phoneix

Year in Review 2016 has been a phenomenal year for the University of the Phoenix, the first and only for-prophet institution that teaches the dead and the not-yet-dead to rise up, together, to avenge the crimes and cruelties of global capitalism. Providing radical financial literacy education and revenge consultancy services, the University is a unique […]

Join us for the Eulogy for Excellence Convocation Dinner (Amsterdam, December 1)

On the evening of December 1, 2016 the living (not-yet-dead) participants of Moneylab III and their guests are invited to a very special event: the first convocation celebration hosted by the University of the Phoenix, the top-ranked nomadic for-prophet business school dedicated to training the dead and the not-yet-dead to rise up together. The University, […]

The Debts of the US Empire, Real and Imagined (ROAR #3)

ROAR Magazine has published, in its third print issue and online,  a feature-length meditation on debt of the American Empire by University of the Phoenix staff Max Haiven and Cassie Thornton . Read more here:

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