We offer a diverse range of classes for learners dead and not-yet-dead

The University of the Phoenix is a nomadic institution that develops site- and context-specific workshops around the themes of our six Departments (below).

When the University receives an invitation to visit, or shows up unannounced, the Administration, in consultation with their hosts and local celebrity faculty, develop a curriculum for the dead, which is usually also open to not-yet-dead auditors.

The University's staff offer workshops in a range of formats, ranging from 15-minute interventions to half-day workshops to weekend-long retreats to term-length seminars.

Our Departments


We develop site-specific workshops, interventions and research projects to consult local ghosts about the roots of, and solutions to, present day crises and injustices.

The Dark Arts

In an age when fine art is increasingly oriented towards a death-driven culture of capitalist exploitation, we raid the tombs of artists and theorists past and present for clues about how to rise up.

Financial Literacy

What does debt mean to the dead? What can the no-longer-living teach the not-yet-dead about the financial system? What would real financial literacy look like?

Postwork and Social Care

The dead have embraced the future and will never work again.  What can the living learn from them? How can we build community power and capacity to provide care outside of capitalism? The dead know.

Security Studies

We teach the dead and the living how to protect the unknown. Covering themes of private property, surveillance, financial securitization, radical patience and embodied vengeance, we offer our graduates practicum placements and deadly skills.

Revenge Studies

The Department of Revenge Studies offers classes and workshops that explore how the living and the dead can make common cause to avenge the wrongs of global capitalism.