The Immortal Stranger

The Immortal Stranger: A Walking Tour

San Francisco and Oakland, September 2016

The Immortal Stranger Walking Tour

In September of 2016 the University of the Phoenix continued its investigations into the collective experiences of debt and its effects on the imagination in the Bay Area, where the growth of tech firms like Apple, Google, Facebook and the thousands of start-ups they’ve spawned has driven the processes known as “gentrification” into overdrive.

Following closely on their research in Puerto Rico in the summer of 2016, this investigation sought to draw the links between the exploitation and control of whole populations through debt. The San Francisco-headquartered hedge-fund Farallon Capital Management, which owns Puerto Rican Bonds and is also deeply invested in the gentrification of West Oakland, provided the pivot-point for a project that culminated in a walking-tour of botanical vengeance.

Our researchers were aided in their efforts by a diversity of Bay Area artists, activists and residents as well as the seminal presence of The Immortal Stranger, a powerful “invasive species” that restructures its ecology to make radical resurgences possible.

Further documentation coming very soon.

Listen to an interview about the tour