On Exiting Capitalism

The following dialogue was published in Issue #9 (The Money Issue) of the Dancehouse Diary of Melbourne, Australia in the Spring of 2016 and can be found here: http://www.dancehousediary.com.au/?p=3179   Questions for Max Haiven Cassie Thornton: Where does crowdfunding sit for you? Is there any potential at all for activating the public through financial support? Is […]

The Debts of the American Empire, Real and Imagined

“The Debts of the American Empire, Real and Imagined” by Max Haiven and Cassie Thornton (of the University of the Phoenix) was originally published in the third print issue of ROAR Magazine in the Fall of 2016, and is featured on ROAR’s website here: https://roarmag.org/magazine/debts-of-the-american-empire/

The White Cube

El Cubo Blanco Un proyecto sobre la deuda colonial de Puerto Rico Par Cassie Thornton y Max Haiven de la Universidad del Fénix The White Cube A project about Puerto Rico’s Colonial Debt By Cassie Thornton and Max Haiven of the University of the Phoenix ¿Has sentido alguna vez como si no pudieses moverte, or […]


Eulogy for Excellence Convocation Amsterdam, December 2016 Contract Board Click images to download a PDF Instructions Eulogy for Excellence Convocation On the evening of December 1, 2016 the living (not-yet-dead) participants of the Institute for Network Cultures’ Moneylab III and their guests were invited to a very special event: the first convocation celebration hosted by the […]

The Immortal Stranger

The Immortal Stranger: A Walking Tour San Francisco and Oakland, September 2016 The Immortal Stranger Walking Tour In September of 2016 the University of the Phoenix continued its investigations into the collective experiences of debt and its effects on the imagination in the Bay Area, where the growth of tech firms like Apple, Google, Facebook […]


Dance, Debt and the Rebel Body Engagements in Sevilla, Fall 2016 Doñana y el Tulipán AfricanoCollaborations with Flo6x8 in Sevilla In the fall of 2016 the University of the Phoenix’s revenge consultancy was commissioned by the Spanish artivist platform Flo6x8 to collaborate on an intervention in the historic European city where Columbus’s catastrophic voyage set […]