2016 in Review at the University of the Phoneix

University of the Phoenix Sprit Board

Year in Review

2016 has been a phenomenal year for the University of the Phoenix, the first and only for-prophet institution that teaches the dead and the not-yet-dead to rise up, together, to avenge the crimes and cruelties of global capitalism. Providing radical financial literacy education and revenge consultancy services, the University is a unique institution of higher learning.

Emerging from the crypt on this latest rotation of the earth around the sun, the University has already enjoyed an exciting year of activities. Executive Vice-President of Student Exhumations Cassie Thornton and Executive Vice-President of Academic Divination Max Haiven have been hard at work promoting the nomadic school to clients in Chicago, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Berlin, Amsterdam, Sevilla and London and are pleased to report higher than ever enrolment. Thanks to the number of celebrity deaths in 2016, the University is enjoying am unprecedented throng of guest lecturers, visiting students and hungry (for education) ghosts.


  • Learn more about the University and its noble mission
  • Read this dialogue between founding vice-presidents Cassie Thornton and Max Haiven about exiting capitalism, from the Dancehouse Diary.
  • Experience the online edition of our bilingual pamphlet The White Cube/El Cubo Blanco, based on our research into the neocolonial politics of debt in Puerto Rico
  • Join a virtual walking tour of San Francisco and Oakland, tracing the route of predatory finance capital and help our president, The Immortal Stranger, take botanical vengeance on a hedge fund that is responsible for the debt-torture of Puerto Rico and the gentrification of West Oakland.
  • Encounter¬†Thornton and Haiven's feature ROAR Magazine article about The Debts of the American Empire, Real and Imagined.
  • Relive the joyful moments of the University of the Phoenix's first Eulogy for Excellence Convocation in Amsterdam, including speeches from the administration and start student, the bestowing of an honorary degree on Hannah Arendt (whose spirit joined us to offer her wisdom) and the awarding of an urgent scholarship to the US President-Elect.
  • Consider the activities of the University in Sevilla (Spain), where they worked with Flo6x8, an activist Flamenco platform to develop a range of activities and workshops to confront debt and financialization with dance and the rebel body.

2017 is shaping up to be another exciting year as well! Please sign up for updates: